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  • Jennifer Harper

Elope at Enchanted Rock

Native American legend from the tribes of the Tonkawa, Apache, and Comanche believed Enchanted Rock contained magical and spiritual powers. Folklore suggest this enormous pink granite rock, that rises 425 feet into the air, was a holy portal into other worlds. Stories of sacrifice, battles, hauntings and gold are all part of this rock’s unique history dating back 10,000 years.

There’s no denying the energy one feels approaching the rock. The windy 17 mile drive from Fredericksburg is reason enough to take the short jaunt from town. As the first glimpse of rock comes into view, you may feel a sense of insignificance- that your time here on earth is but a tiny grain of sand in a vast dessert…or at least that’s how I feel.

Couples are drawn to Enchanted Rock for its mystical energy and rugged beauty. The rocks, cacti, stark contrasting foliage, make for stunning wedding photos! If you elope in spring, you’ll also get Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes mixed among the cacti :)

To create the best experience for your elopement at Enchanted Rock we’ve comprised this list of helpful tips.

#1- If at all possible stay away from peak weekend dates. Enchanted Rock can get very crowded and especially on peak weekends. Peak weekends are basically any weekend in spring, early summer, fall, holidays, and spring break. On some peak weekends, the park will close without warning because it’s reached capacity.

#2- If your wedding date is a peak weekend, we highly recommend you contact us early. The earlier you contact us, the more likely we can get a reservation for the pavilion.

#3-Book the pavilion. The pavilion is a covered picnic area tucked away off the main trail. By reserving the pavilion for a small fee, you’re guaranteed entrance into the park and a parking space. If you purchase our Enchanted Rock elopement package, we’ll make the pavilion reservation for you. The pavilion has restrooms and space for guests, guests parking, and a covered area in case of bad weather.

#4-Weather- ok, here’s a biggie. Because of the terrain and the potential for flash flooding, you’ll need to be somewhat flexible in the event of a storm. Typically, storms roll in quickly and leave quickly. This may cause a delay in your wedding. The park doesn’t allow anyone to enter the park when there is a risk of flash flooding. In the unlikely event of major flooding, we’ll need to switch locations all together.

#5- Morning or mid-morning weddings are ideal because the temperatures are cooler and the crowds are lighter.

#6- If you can do a mid-week wedding, that will be your best option. With some mid-week weddings, it almost feels like we have the park to ourselves!

So now you’ve got the low-down on Enchanted Rock elopements. We also offer small weddings in the park if you’d like to invite guests. Contact us today to book your spot at The Rock!

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Photos by Madeline Frost Photography


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