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  • Jennifer Harper

Springtime Elopement Tips

What an amazing time of year in Fredericksburg Texas! Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes line the highways, the wineries are experiencing bud break on the vines, peach trees are blooming and the temperature averages a sunny 74 degrees.

It's no wonder spring is peak wedding season in the Texas Hill Country! Here are a few things to consider when planning a spring wedding.

Tip #1- Have a rain back up plan. With all the beauty that spring offers, also comes unpredictable weather conditions. The occasional thunderstorm, gusty winds, and late freezes are to be considered in the planning process. Most couples prefer nature's beauty as the backdrop to their perfect elopement, but it's always good to have a "just in case" bad weather plan.

Tip #2- Avoid the crowds and elope mid-week. Fredericksburg Texas is a tourist destination and for good reason. There are so many things to see and do from shopping, wine and beer tastings, hiking Enchanted Rock, museums, dining, festivals, concerts, dancing and so much more. If you can swing a mid-week wedding you'll save yourself the headache of crowds, limited parking, waiting lines at restaurants, wineries, and bars.

Tip #3-Save money and elope mid-week. Many venues book far in advance and charge top dollar for private space on Saturdays during peak season. For most eloping couples, the date doesn't matter as much since it's only them and maybe a few guests. Most venues, hotels, and B&B's offer mid-week discounts.

Wondering if there's still time to elope this spring? Absolutely! Elopements and intimate weddings don't require as much planning as a traditional wedding. We've got vendors and venues already lined up. We're just waiting for you :)

Spring Elopement in Fredericksburg Texas

Photo by McKenzie Baird Photography

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