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  • Jennifer Harper

Winery Weddings in Fredericksburg Texas

Can you think of a better backdrop for your wedding than a Hill Country winery? Wineries are unique and beautiful, each one with their own flare. Ranging from modern elegance to rustic charm, there’s sure to be a winery that fits your wedding style.

So what’s the best time of year to getting married at a winery in Fredericksburg? Let’s take a stroll through the cycle of a vineyard.

The vines get their first new leaves after a dormant winter around late March, we call this bud break. Bud break occurs after the last freeze of winter. Rapid leaf growth happens after bud break and the vineyards come to life with bright green lush vines that grow grapes until late summer. Late summer is when wineries harvest the bountiful fruit and begin the fermentation process of turning grapes into wine. This is also the busiest time of year for wine making. We call it Crush. After Crush- usually August and September for Texas, the vines die back and turn brown, leaving a beautiful autumn hue in the vineyards. This autumnal backdrop will last until the first freeze of the year. After that the vines lose their leaves and go dormant for the winter. This is pruning season for winemakers.

So getting back to weddings…the best time of year to get married for vineyard photos would be spring, summer, and fall. But, I’m also a sucker for winter themed weddings and a stark vineyard as a back drop is equally stunning in my book. We’ve created a photo gallery for winery weddings in each season. For more information on winery weddings in Fredericksburg click here.

Spring and Summer (April-August)

Fall (September-November)


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